Why Older Women Have a Higher Sex Drive

When a woman reaches the age 40, the sexual drive rapidly increases and it is not surprising due to facts around the condition. Most women on their younger years have aggressive sex that commonly results to unwanted pregnancy and getting of sex-related diseases. Due to some circumstances, women’s sex drives dramatically changes and decreases. But once they reach their 40s, their libido increases again. There are many reasons why this is happening.

5 Reasons Why Older Women Have A Higher Sex Drive

  1. More time committed for self-pleasure.

There are many ways to please one self; shopping and sex are the top two. Women in their early age up to late 30s are busy taking care of some other things such as studying, establishing a career, marriage, pregnancy, nursing, cooking, and a lot more. It seems impossible to find an alone time with your partner due to being so focused with other things. Since the children are grown-ups, the chores are manageable and the career is already on top, most women in their older years are focusing on self-pleasure.

  1. Less insecurity.

Once a woman is already done with pregnancy, baby bumps, stretch marks, varicose veins, hair fall, saggy boobs, etc., insecurities are over! Women of age 40s and above starting to appreciate their body, they have now time to go to the salon, spa, gym, etc. They say, women are late bloomers and they really are. They will no longer worry how they look, instead, they will feel more confident about who and what they are.

  1. Thanks to hormones.

When menopausal hits a woman, her estrogen levels will decrease but testosterone remains the same. But this will result to high testosterone to estrogen. When this happened, the increase in testosterone will boost your sex drive. Most women menopausal are an ugly stage of life but it is not.

  1. Women at this age are less likely to become pregnant.

Worrying about getting pregnant again is a woman’s one of the most frightening events in her life. That is why most young women are lacking sex drive during their married life. But once they are on their menopausal stage, they will become careless since fertility on this age is very low to none resulting in higher sex drive.

  1. Sexual issues are already solved.

Most couples are having interrupted sexual intercourse due to many distractions. During your prime years, there are many issues. But as you get older, you already tackled and solved each distraction one by one. You two get matured together and as you age, you have a deeper understanding of your partner’s needs. Once there is no issue in bed, it is more relaxing and enjoyable to have sex with your partner as you mature.

Sex is pleasurable mutual feeling between two people. Once you get the right mood, relaxation, and focus, your sex drive will improve significantly. It is important to take care of your body as you age so that once you hit your senior years, you can still do it like the first time.

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